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Sweet goodbye to Dessert names. Android Q is now Android 10


Released earlier at Google’s IO 2019, Android Q is now set to be named as Android 10. Google decided to go with numerical nomenclature of future iterations of Android, for ease and integrity in identifying and naming the OS. This makes Android Pie, the last Android iteration to have been named after a dessert.

What else is new?

Google has planned and executed a host of UI, feature and security updates over various Beta developer versions of Android 10, the latest being beta 5 and beta 6. Here’s what’s new on the latest instalments of the developer Beta versions.

  1. Lose the navigation buttons.

Lose the navigation buttons

Google has decided to lose the navigation buttons, instead, use full screen gestures for navigated in and out of the UI, through the menus and apps. To augment the effectiveness of this feature, Google also permits certain apps to restrict the area of gesture recognition while it’s on the run. PUBG sessions won’t ever be disturbed by random exits.

  1. Mending loopholes for better privacy.

From a study by International Computer Science Institute, a whopping number of over 1300 apps are notoriously known for scraping personal data and information such as the MAC addresses, personal details, etc. in the form of permissions and other such workarounds.

Google has reportedly been working on fixing this update during the roll-out of the latest iteration of Android.

  1. Dark Mode

Android Q is said to have a Dark Mode over the entire UI, that can be toggled by a functionality button that toggles between light and dark themes and by toggling the battery saver on. Dark mode can contribute in saving power and provides a better UX while viewing the mobile phone screen in darkness.

  1. Fold ability support.

With the release of Samsung’s foldable smartphone and its UI that can adapt to folding and unfolding the screen seamlessly, Google has decided to make this UI native to Android, thus opening a new prospect of more foldable phones in the future. Android is said to have foldability toggle, in the latest versions of Developer Beta’s.

  1. Bubble Multitasking UI

Bubble Multitasking

Like in Facebook’s messenger that floats chat threads on the screen in the form of bubbles, Google has envisioned a Multitasking chat UI modification in the form of similar bubbles. This has been implemented over SMS messages and Google’s Hangouts so far, and is set to hit other apps soon.

  1. Live Captions

This is the most decorated feature update with Android 10. Google, now has incorporated algorithms and code to provide live, real-time on screen Closed captions for audio and video – wait, it’s not done yet. All this can be done without the requirement of the Internet. This can be available to any video/audio that is being played on Android’s native media players. Now this surely is an update to celebrate.

  1. More Developer Tools

More developer tools that include “Force desktop mode” that gives the developers to push the display, the UI onto a desktop’s screen, “Game Updates Package Preference” and the return of “Freeform windows” are noted updates in the dev tools section.

  1. Removal of Android Beams

Removal of Android Beams

Google has decided to ditch Android Beams, an NFC peer to peer sharing method, with the rolling out of Android 10. But does this mean the end of sharing by placing the phones back-on-back, is a question that can be answered only by Google in the future.

  1. Face ID style authentication


To catch up with Face ID authentication of purchases, logins, installing apps etc. that is bragged about by Apple so far, Android has decided to roll out similar features, to stay in par with today’s technology.

The final version of Android 10 is set to roll out on August. The first to reap the benefit of these updates will be the Pixel series of smartphones and later rolled out to other leading brands i.e. Nokia, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola and Samsung.


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