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Decoding Facebook’s New Ranking Algorithm


Customization is the key to success in any business. Facebook has tapped into this concept, laying the foundation for its new algorithm wherein it ranks content based on some factors that will be covered later in this article. This new algorithm was conceived after numerous surveys that pointed to users’ preference for reading content posted by friends over strangers. Based on user reactions and search history, it also prioritizes some links that a user might be more inclined to click on versus general links.    

The new algorithm

Until now, Facebook generated content by predicting which posts a user might be interested in based on pre-calculated factors. As this was based on assumptions, Facebook decided to conduct surveys to get a clear idea on what drives conversations on the social media site. It observed various patterns, such as which friends were always tagged together in the same photos or in check-ins. Based on this study, Facebook formulated an algorithm to show more content from close friends. In addition to this, there was another survey conducted that studied which links users mostly clicked on. Facebook then studied about the content of the post, what kind of engagement and value it provided, and implemented this study in the new algorithm.

How it works

In the new algorithm, all posts in the News Feed will be ranked based on the probability of the post receiving a positive response such as a Like or a Share or Positive Comments. The central idea around this update is that users engage more in personal and meaningful conversations. Armed with this belief that has been proven by the surveys, Facebook tweaked its earlier algorithm to generate more and meaningful user interaction.

Tips on how to Engage users

If you’re an advertiser or an entrepreneur trying to build your audience pool to generate business, here are some tips that could help you achieve the desired result.

  • Create conversation-inducing content

The content that you post, be it about your business or anything else related to you, should keep the readers engaged, with an urge to know more. The more interactions that keep coming on your post, the wider visibility you get, which in turn makes you a verified user.

  • Customer is king

Your ultimate goal is to bring in more customers. Hence, it goes without saying that your content should be relevant to your audience and be able to strike a chord with them.

  • Evaluate your performance

Using the Facebook Insights feature, it is possible to keep a track of how your content has impacted the audience. Using this feedback, you could enhance your future posts to draw in more user reactions.

Armed with the knowledge of how this new algorithm works, users can now implement the factors from the survey to create more personal, interactive and meaningful content that will connect with the audience.



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