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Search Engine Optimization – A Brief Look


How do those websites get to the top of Google’s list?

This is one of the most common questions that each and every person that has a runs a website would ask at least once in their lives. Yes, this has been unascertained for years until SEO services came into the scene!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – it is the process of bringing in more traffic to your website, or content by optimizing the content with keywords and by understanding how the search engines work.

SEO is the brain and body of any Digital Marketing Agency, without which Digital Marketing would not make any sense at all!

A million questions might swarm through your mind right now. Before we dive right into what SEO is, let’s make one thing clear, Content is the King, because without any content, there isn’t anything to promote. So SEO is the modification of the content to be optimized for Search Engines.

How is the content modified?

The main job of an SEO Analyst is to analyse and research all around the web to find out what’s trending and what’s not; which information is relevant and which is not; what words to use, what graphics to present – literally everything that would comprise content.

The SEO Analyst also decides where and how a company can be promoted, for instance, if a blog is being drafted to promoted, the SEO analyst decides the keywords and the topics that can land us more traffic into our post/website. Everywhere throughout the content, the SEO analyst will find ways to link it back to our website/page.

The main goal of any promotional content is to be informative to the consumer and relevant to the product/service that the brand is promoting. Ensuring these two can boost the relevance and effectiveness of our promotional campaign, bringing us more ROI. Availing SEO services will ensure that your business’ ROI numbers soar.

ROI stands for Return on Investment. If an investment brings us more returns financially, it is then termed as ROI. Higher rate of ROI is required for profit; isn’t it all that we’re working for?

From consumers to leads and converted to clients!

How does it promotion work? How does it land us more business?

Let’s say a consumer is reading a blog that you’ve written. How did she find it? She’s found it through a result from a Google search; searching for something she wanted, say, Digital Marketing agency in Chennai. He found your blog because it was on the top of Google’s search list through SEO.

She’s read through the content, because she found it informative – again, the result of proper SEO. Once she’s done reading through, she’s found the link to your website, where she gets to know about the nature and behaviour of your business. Now, she has become a Prospect.

            She’s interested to know more about your services, and gets in touch with you through an email, with an enquiry. Now she has become a Lead. A lead has the highest chance of business with you. She’s convinced about your brand’s trustworthiness, and has decided to do business with you. Now she’s a Client. This is called converting leads to Clients.

SEO is the most important aspect of Digital Marketing, without which there isn’t much sense in the other aspects. To land more businesses through Marketing, make sure your content is S.E.O. and generate more R.O.I.

Search Engine Optimized and Ready for Business!


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