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How Content Marketing can Help SEO

Creation and usage of Content to promote a product/business is called Content Marketing. Content may include text, info graphics, facts, numbers, graphics, and pictures and sometimes even videos and music. Content is the voice of any Digital Marketing campaign. Creating appealing and informative content can create a potential for better engagement with the customer, because a customer will come to your product/service only if he/she understands the product.

Content Marketing has come a long way, from being just about convincing the consumer about the product to being a form that requires proper research, effort and analysis to just make the customer understand. The biggest brands in the world always create the best content that attracts millions.

Good content can create brand recognition, for many of the world’s biggest brands are recognized from the various content that they exhibit in the form of pictures, videos, advertisements, info graphics etc.  The other ways content can impact a business is by creating a better UX, effective SEO and create brand reliability and a sense of authenticity.

Content Marketing services and SEO can go intertwined to give your businesses the best favourable results. Here are some ways able Content marketing affects various SEO services.

                                                               InfoGraphics – How Content Marketing can Helps in SEO

SEO and Content Marketing are two entities that are dependent on each other for the best results. SEO services can be augmented by able content marketing services, delivering better ranking, allowing your business to be found at a higher rate.

Here are the guideline any Content marketing agency should follow to maintain proper content.

  1. Do not pitch product, rather, provide information about it, because the customer will not buy the product unless he knows the product.
  2. Do not focus on the product, rather, focus on the audience. The customer is king and thus more emphasis on the customer’s opinion and experience with the product should be laid.
  3. Do not try to convince the customer, rather, try to make him understand. Convincing the customer will never happen unless or until the customer understands what your brand is all for.
  4. Do not over pack content with keywords and links, rather, use them ably and efficiently. Over usage of keywords and links can make your content look more like a promotion rather than valuable information. Use keywords and links efficiently, only where there’s a need.
  5. Do not create appeal, rather, create authenticity. An authentic product/service promotion is always preferred to promotions that are just ‘appealing’.
  6. Do not work to create a business, rather, work to create a relationship. For your business and brand to flourish, work should be done to aid the customer, ‘experience’ that journey from a stranger to a customer, who shares a strong relationship with us. Always work to create relationships.

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