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Google’s Search Index Bug – When Google lost some answers. (Fixed)

Google is that friend we all have; the one who knows everything. We ask Google a variety of things on a daily basis. From fun to work, Google has answers to everything. There is this time though, when Google lost the answers to certain questions, and was clueless.

No, this is not a joke. IT. IS. TRUE.

“How?!” you ask. I’ll tell you how. But before that a basic understanding of how Google works is required.

Google & its Data Centres.

Google, like any other search engine is essentially comprised of a gazillion pages of web content that comprehend to various searches in the form of intricate web work called ‘Index’. Strings of similar content are collected together in Data Centres. Now when a query is asked over Google, the ranking algorithm that exists sorts the question, does the clockwork and provides the most relevant answers through the SERP – Search Engine Result Page.

Now that the basic details are established, here’s how the Google lost some answers.

To provide faster and more relevant answers, Google’s algorithm takes the query only upto the most relevant and recent data centre, and shows the result through the SERP’s. Whenever there are modifications in the data, such as removal or addition of pages, updating of content etc. all of the data centres are updated too.

During the updating of the data centres, one data centre is taken and updated, and the updates are rolled out in a radiant manner to all the other data centres. Based on the sensitivity of the data, the time taken for these updates to roll can be from a few hours to a few days.

On the 5th of April, 2019, when one such update was being rolled out, an amount of data was let out of the string accidentally, thus making Google, lose answers to certain questions. Google had nothing new to say because; this bug that broke out prevented any new content from being uploaded to the Search Index.

SEO Agencies(Like BizDigitiz- one of the SEO agency in Chennai) took a hit from this bug because, without any new content, changes to any content were impossible, and thus Optimization for the Search Engine took a dip.


Like any other time, the Engineers at Google were agile at solving the issue. They were able to pick up the content that was accidentally dropped, and gradually started reframing the Search Index to its previous stable state.


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