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Google Businesses with Bulk Listing of Reviews


Any business that you do is to serve a set of clients/customers, be it a Business to Business (B2B) or a Business to Customer (B2C) sort of a deal. In any of the above cases, the customer is ‘king’ and the customer’s review is always the ‘Word’.

Since Digital Marketing is an entity that can expand across the edges of the Internet, there can be plenty of sites where there are reviews about your business listed. Managing all these reviews and catering in correspondence to all of them can be something that’s going to gobble up large portions of time and efforts.

Google has been giving solutions to questions and problems its inception, and yet again it’s shown a way to untangle this mess. Google’s My Business now supports bulk listing.

To the ones that have been living under a rock all this time, My Business is a free tool provided by Google to take a hold of your Digital presence across all the listings on the Internet. Your tale and the details to your business, such as maps, catalogues, reviews etc. can be taken to the ‘Netizens’ who are prospective customers to your business, by providing data. This also enables Digital Marketing services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, create links to your business’ website.

Businesses can view reviews for multiple listings at once. With bulk reviews, you’ll be able to view, reply to, and flag reviews for multiple listings from one place.

This feature is available in all location groups with 500 or fewer locations. It’s not available for organization accounts.”

Said Google as they announced this feature on the Internet.

By letting a powerful bulk review management system in our grasps, Google has enabled us to save a huge chunk of our time and create opportunities to cater better to the customer reviews and flag those reviews that are not in need. Important reviews across all the listings of your business everywhere on the Internet can be accessed from a single hub.

To utilize this feature, you need to first log in to your business account on Google’s My Business. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by just typing in the Name, details and the nature of your business.

Once you are logged in to My Business, click on the icon to the left, to access the drop down menu. From the drop down Menu, click on ‘Manage Reviews’ to open the Bulk Review Management tool.

This tool is useful for businesses and that have their presence over a majority of listings, in various locations and websites. This also eases the analytics and decision of solutions for Digital Marketing Agencies or seo agency. A common hub for all the reviews makes the job of catering in accordance to the reviews seamless and easier.


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