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Divert More Traffic To Your Website Using These SEO Strategies


An old deserted highway – that’s what your website is without the optimum traffic.  Google is a vast database of countless and still counting questions and the answers to those questions. To make your answer count, you need to get these answers to Google and friends’ notice.

The goal of any Digital marketing agency is bringing your brand to the top with effective Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Branding Strategy and the ultimate aspect of Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization.

The Search Engine is the God, while SEO is the Oracle. Here are these strategies from SEO to drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Regular Self-analyses of Websites


The methods and behaviours of consumers is subjected to constant changes with time, and thus are Google’s algorithms. Recently, Google has rolled out 5 major updates to its algorithms viz. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Fred.

To be on par with these constant updates, regular examination and setting new goals for your website is necessary. Check for

  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • Keywords
  • Friendly URL (simplified URL)
  • Apt images with keywords as their alt tags.

2. Learn What the Users Want


Major search engines such as Google, Bing etc. often collect data from the users’ to build a stable and valid search engine. The sole aim of the search engine, like any other website is to create the best ‘Experience’ to the Users.

To create the best UX, your website needs to know first about the users requirements, which like the users themselves, subject to change with time. Relevant data can be garnered from Social media websites such as Quora, Reddit, Instagram polls and through other services such as Survey Monkey etc. Learn what the consumers want and create content to cater those needs.

  1. Post and Promote Legitimate and Relevant Content on Social Media


During the initial stages of your website, it’s blogs and other content cannot get a higher DA. To attain more credibility and the attention of audience, relevant and appealing posts on various Social Media handles such as Instagram, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. can be benefited from.

Find what’s trending on the internet, just as you do for blogs, use ample and apt keywords, craft the most creative and interesting content – Social Media Marketing on the whole, to divert heavier traffic to your website.

  1. Deep linking


Deep links are exploiting the anchor points or keywords on your website’s content to lead to other landing pages in your website. This allows your search engine to know the profundity of your website, and also gives other pages higher PA’s.

Also interlinking all of the website’s landings can bring other important pages than just your home page to the light.

  1. Let the Competition do the SEO for You.


The world is a very competitive place and to stride ahead past competition, one needs to work smarter than just harder.

SEO is a complex task, and requires a lot of research and analysis to get accurate results. While SEO is a must have for any Digital Marketing campaign, you can also make use of the keywords and other SEO aspects from your competition too.

I spy keywords!

  1. Multiple Keywords in Titles-Focus Long Tail Keywords First


Make sure the titles of your blogs, web pages, articles and info graphics have a higher number of keywords to make sure your content gets recognized by the search engine easily. Using long tile keywords that cite location, user queries etc. are recommended at early stages of SEO.

  1. Compatible to all devices.


There’s no single way to get online and access the Internet. With the development of newer technology, people connect to the internet through various other channels such as ‘smart’ mobile phones, tablets, television sets and even through certain smart watches. Being compatible to all of these channels can create possibilities for a higher and quality traffic.

  1. Exploit Dead and broken links from Wikipedia


Wikipedia is the home to an ocean of articles that orate various things in and about this world; this universe. Certain parts of these articles can still remain unexplained or unanswered. These are called dead links or broken links.

Such links that are relevant can be explained and linked through to garner more reach to your website and content. This is a bonus option for more traffic to your website.

These are some of the best ways that experts suggest to bend more traffic into our website. These steps implement smart – work, planning, market research and analysis to get more businesses.

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