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#AskGoogleWebmasters : Get your solutions, master SEO


Search Engine Optimization is a multi-dynamic concern. There are no definitive answers or solutions in SEO; anything can be a solution and anything or everything can be a hazard. When there are uncertain hiccups in your Digital Marketing journey, someone to help out or to solve the hiccup will always be a boon!

The Answers are here!

Here is Google, with their recent update for all the developers, SEO analysts, Webmasters and Site owners, promising to relaunch their #AskGoogleWebmasters campaign. Started in 2012, as the Webmaster Office Hours, it has been very successful so far, with the Webmasters in Google, answering your queries and solving your doubts through Youtube videos.

With the accumulating questions that are left unanswered, they have decided to relaunch this campaign. This can be benefitted by all those who are running a website, old or new – because the Oracles of the internet giving you the answers is something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

They’ve decided to further their older format to newer and shorter videos to the questions, that can be searched for and accessed easily.

How do you get your questions heard?

The earth is a populous planet, and Internet is the elixir of life. With majority of the people on the internet, there would be countless questions that may rise up every day. Since Google cannot answer all of those, they’ve promised to answer the ones that would benefit large groups of queries and doubts alike.

To ask a question isn’t something of great complexity. All you have to do is post that question on Twitter, with the hash tag #AskGoogleWebmasters on it, so as to notify the Webmasters, of your query.

Make sure you don’t miss a beat.

The questions and answers in this campaign may enlighten your Digital Marketing campaign, turning it towards a completely new and rejuvenating journey with new SEO updates, Google’s algorithm concepts and updates and much more of that sort. So, don’t you miss a thing and subscribe to Google’s channel on Youtube and stay updated their new content regularly.

#AskGoogleWebmasters and master the internet with SEO.


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