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Photography, A Skill in Need for a Digital Marketing Career


“Happy World Photography day for Digital Marketers too.”

Photography – hobby for some, while passion for many is a highly practised activity that is inevitable in our lives. Every once in a while, there’s photography involved in our lives – either a photograph of us taken, or us taking a photograph of something. It is one of the world’s most cherished art form.

On the 19th of August, 2019, as we are celebrate photography as World Photography Day, we chose to tell you ways in which Photography, is a hot skill to possess in Digital Marketing.

Before all of that, let us establish what Photography basically is. Photography is basically the freezing of a moment, with an intricate device called the camera that captures the light from the image behind a shutter through a tiny hole and onto the sensor, where the captured light becomes a tale with thousand words, a picture. All of this clockwork happens within a fraction of a second, making that iconic sound “KLACHACK!”

A photograph speaks a thousand words, and means a million. A photograph can move a person, telling a tale to him with just a frozen moment.

There is a huge number of people that aspire to make photography a career. As mentioned earlier in this blog, Photography is a widely sought after skill in Marketing applicants by a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies. It is a very powerful supplement to Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Branding, UX, SEO – pretty much the complete spectrum of Digital Marketing Services. Here’s how photography can exploited

  1. Good content for an immaculate UX requires good visuals that are original and authentic. A website with stock images is always off putting, while a website or content with original photographs that are well lit, framed and edited can draw wider attention, creating a better opinion on our brand. This can be applicable all businesses, especially E-commerce websites and pages.
  2. Original content always garner higher trust rates and sales conversions. This can bring about organic growth to our business on the internet, driving a higher traffic to your Social Media handles and websites. SEO is more effective, and your business can be driven to the top of Google’s mind.
  3. Originality and transparency in content is always a great virtue when it comes to Branding. Original photographs of how the product looks in real life will pact trustworthiness onto businesses.

These are some of the very few ways in which Photography can influence better Digital Marketing. With ample amount of research, and a comprehensive knowledge in Digital Marketing, any photographer can create himself a career in a Digital Marketing Agency, or for any other businesses that are in need of Visual Marketing. The world is never scarce of opportunities, until we stop searching.

Happy World Photographer’s day, KLACHACK!


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