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BizDigitiz for Business Growth

The world is never scarce of ideas and new entrepreneurs. Each company is an idea afresh, yet, many of their voices have gone unheard. There is a need to make these voices come out to the world, and speak of their ideas and brand; a bridge to connect the consumers with the providers – the world has always been in need of Marketing.

Marketing has come a long way from where it all began. From mere word-of-mouth methods to analytics and computed methods, marketing has evolved into a digital entity, suiting the ways of the current ‘Digital World’.

BizDigitiz is a leading Digital Marketing agency in Chennai, that has catered to a variety of clients, from various backgrounds and fields. Here’s a story of one such client, Business X, who has come to BizDigitiz to expand hashtag their business.

This tale can be divided into the following volumes so as to show how things were done for the growth of the business with this Digital Marketing Agency.

  1. Branding and Strategy

Branding is the creation of a brand. Now isn’t that obvious? What is a brand then?

Think about the major brands of the world. Apple? Nike? Does the phrase “Just Do It” gives you the chills? All these factors that allow us to recognize one business from the other is called a brand.

A brand is collectively the factors that distinguish your business apart from other competition. These factors include the logo, the graphics, visual and textual content, targeted audience, etc.

At BizDigitiz, with creatively bent minds and technicians that run the clockwork seamlessly, we ‘brand’ you in such a way that your business can be recognized apart from your competition, connecting the audience to you in a personal way.

  1. Social Media Marketing

“Hey, have you heard of Brand X? The latest XYZ company?”

“No, are they on Instagram, or on Facebook? “

This is typically the entirety of the current generation, when they’re talking about brands or businesses. Everybody is on social media, stuck to it like glue. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if your brand isn’t there where everybody is.

Social Media marketing is a marketing practise that involves appealing and immersive content that is posted over social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. More than 80% of the brands are recognized through Social Media; this is a proven marketing statistic.

BizDigitiz with channel specific content experts post appropriate content to the appropriate social media platforms, establishing and maintaining the brand’s presence on the Digital realm.

  1. Content Marketing

Brand X is set to create a website now. It’s set to approach the netizens by storm with….with what? With Content of course!

What is content? Everything that the consumer sees, reads and experiences in Brand X’s website, social media handles and other places where it sets foot. It can be textual, pictorial, visual or oral. Marketing of such content is called Content Marketing.

Here is helpful tips content marketing for your Business.

Another aspect of content marketing is multi-lingual marketing. This is not just some marketing term, but a zip line to the consumers’ emotions. How? Here’s how.

Multilingual marketing is the marketing of content in various languages connecting to a wider audience and deeper emotions.

Brand X reaped the benefits of a content-specific expert team that is proficient with experts of major Indian languages and prominent international languages. Now to complete the sentence, Brand X is all set to take the netizens by storm with a hoard of blogs, social media posts, shared documents, infographics, etc. breaking through all language barriers too.

Look our sample infographics incorporated with Blog.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

Brand X has created a website now, but what’s it got to do to get it to the top of the SERP’s? Wait, what’s SERP? Sounds pretty much like What’s up?

An SERP is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Result Page, that displays the top results in descending order. What’s SERP – What’s up makes sense now doesn’t it.

Let’s get back to our brand, Brand X. Brand X with its website needs to get on top of the SERP. How is this possible? Just SEO it’s done.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of content with keywords, backlinks and other forms to make sure Google understands that we are the answers to the questions it’s trying to solve.

By BizDigitiz, Brand X’s site is taken to the top with optimized SEO services such as off-page SEO, on-page SEO, backlinks, keyword research, etc. Being found on top, has given Brand X’s website, the traffic that it deserves.

  1. Online Reputation Management

Everything is going well for the brand in subject, until, OUCH! The online reputation of the brand takes a hit. Brand X has missed out on resolving certain constructive grievances. OUCH again! Some more unnecessary comments on the brand is in rotation around the web. Internet sure is a bully. What is Brand X to do now ?

Online. Reputation. Management.

Online Reputation Management, abbreviated to ORM is the bridge the joins the brand to the customer. It is the collective measures taken to ensure our online reputation is maintained by being answerable to customers’ grievances and criticism and removal of flagged comments from the internet.

Brand X is now protected with top notch ORM services from BizDigitiz, showing out the prettiest face to the world, with constant ORM support, round the clock.

Brand X is now the only brand that people go to for XYZ services. This is a success story depicting how BizDigitiz takes your brand through the Digital Journey, to becoming a well groomed business.


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