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That one thing that business owners yearn for!

Any business, any company will have its own spectrum of customers; its own breed of clientele. With high revenue at aim, getting the customers to trust you completely, is the best shot that you could take. Is that easy? It definitely isn’t. But is it possible? OF COURSE!

The world’s favourite brands are all driven by one common fuel – ‘A loyal customer – base’ with utmost trust on your brand.”

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. School – student hood are different for different people at different places, but some things are same all over. A week before school could start; most of us, with our parents would head down to this store for sure to buy shoes to wear for our schools’ uniforms… Yes! BATA, you’ve got it right! We’ve all had memories of going to the various showrooms of Bata, with their amazing shoes, checking our sizes and getting our hands over the freshly cut new pair of leather shoes and canvas shoes, and those solemn promises we make to preserve those shoes as they were when bought.

Not just school, but whenever there’s a question of footwear, Bata is the first name that comes to our minds. Why is that? No this’ and that’s, the only reason is because even for an extremely sceptical audience, Bata is a brand of trust!

Entrepreneurs and business owners yearn for this level of success in building trust to their brand. Top business schools around the world look up to Bata’s business and marketing models.

If only there were guidelines on how to get there… Sigh!”

The secret question to this unanswered question is ‘Branding’. Here’s what Bata did right with their branding

Pitch-Perfect Branding

Branding isn’t an aspect that would afford any trial and error; rather, it is a ground that needs to each step to be tread with care and supporting analytics and facts about the business. In normal human language, it needs to be apt to what and how the business/company does.

To understand how Bata had a ‘Pitch Perfect’ branding strategy, we need to have a brief look into their history. Bata, is a Swiss footwear company that found its fame in the second world war, providing foot wear and everything related to the soldiers. Then they propelled their way to fame by providing quality with pricing relevant to the poor economic state back then.

What have we learnt so far from Bata? They’ve had a pitch perfect branding strategy and have been consistent to the same. But how does that benefit businesses you ask? It enjoys branding power.

People always trust people who say the right words and stay revered to what they say. One can stay consistent and honest only to the perfect branding. As in the analogy, perfect branding and branding consistency can create a better understanding and emotional connect with the customers, and they’d start trusting your brand, over your products/services. This case is called Brand Equity.

Brand Equity also gives your company opportunities for more people of similar business motives to come under your banner, as franchisee’s, thus keeping your brand a perpetual entity.

With just the right ingredients…

With just the right portions of each aspect of Digital marketing such as Branding Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, ORM, content marketing, etc.,a company can rule over an empire of loyal customers. BizDigitiz, a leading digital marketing and branding agency in Chennai provides tailor-made solutions for each and every concern, across all client verticals. Get your business digitized now, with BizDigitiz.


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