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We are

Off-beat Digital Marketing

BizDigitiz is a leading name in Digital
Marketing, has experience and expertise
providing high-end digital marketing
services to clients for diverse
backgrounds and fields. We envision,
pursue and aim for your business’
amelioration with the right strategy
and a perfect blend of creatively bent
minds. Our services are ROI driven and
we ensure that the crown stays on your head, always.

Our collective morale..


We envision perpetual improvement in analytical methodologies and technology, to render world-class Digital and Social Media services.


Our collective mission is to strive; walk that extra mile to give our client the recognition and increased business they deserve.


To ensure our clients, their ‘throne’ in their respective business segments and geography, with only the best Digital marketing services and solutions.

Our Team.

Mr. Jayashankar Narayanan

Director, Creative & Digital

“The Captain of the ship – The CEO”.

He is the Managing Director and CEO of Proteam, a global IT provider that has been in the field for more than 25 years. From his vast experience in Business Management and International Marketing, he founded BizDigitiz to quench the increasing need for Digital Marketing. With proficiency in business analytics and digital marketing strategy, he has always boosted this team, striving to give your business, the shine it deserves.

The leader of the team, the leader with the vision



“Friends of Search Engines”

With immersive analytics and changes that we recommend, it is assured your brand and its content is optimized, making it the perfect answer, the Search Engine is searching for.

“Be found; be on the top”


Graphics & Visuals

“Dewans of Designs”

Graphics and Visuals are the eye-openers to any Marketing Campaign. It influences the consumers’ perception of the brand, breathing life into it & setting it in motion.

“Craft that you dream”


Digital Marketing

“Kingpins of Marketing”

To know the next step, knowing how we fared is the key. We see trends, connect loose ends, and make sure your campaign is going on the right course for better results

“Reach out and engage”


Content Management

“Saviours of words”

We’d tell your tales and ideas most interestingly with perfect blend of creativity and relevant WORDS. We reach audience’s heart through their eyes.

“Express to the point”



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Our Projects



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